I was driving home from the dishroom tonight listening to Tom Waits and I turned it up quite loud to cover up the sound of my rear license plate rattling. I didn’t sing along with the music like I do when I have more energy; being in a steam room really takes it out of you. Regardless, while I was headed east along a county road, I saw the moon rising. It was low on the horizen and bright red. When I got home I rushed upstairs to grab my camera to photograph it. However, the only angle I could see it clearly from was when I was on the roof, and from that angle there was a bright security light screwing up the shot.

Before work I started checking old emails and other documents that MCC sent me. I followed their advice and made some copies of documents that prove I was born and am educated. Then I called to Knox County Board of Elections to make sure I could get an absentee ballot before November. Right before I rushed out the door to go to work, I called AAA in Mount Vernon to check the cost of getting an International Drivers Permit (IDP). I’ll end up with yet another ID proving that I am alive and am capable of operating a vehicle.

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