Today seemed like fall. It was raining nearly all day; never hard, but just steady throughout. It was also cool and I had the heater on slightly as I drove home from work. There were some leaves that had fallen and were plastered to the country road where I drive… it really must be fall.

On a totally separate note, last night was the night that did in my shoes. When I work in the dishroom I am required to wear certified non-slip shoes. I originally had some when I worked at Friendly’s during the summer of 2001, but for some reason always kept them in the back of the closet. I wore them last summer working at this same dishroom in Bellville, and I thought they would last me another brief stint working in very wet conditions. However, they gradually eroded and turned into non-slip sandals and they showed most of my socks. In any case, I was walking to the dumpster last night, near the end of my shift, and the front of my left shoe caught something on the ground. This caused the entire front of my foot to come out of my left shoe. I decided this was the final straw; these shoes won’t last another month or more. So I drove through the rain and bought new ones so that I’ll have another pair of non-slip shoes sitting in the back of my closet for when I rejoin the food industry.


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