It’s a cool evening, almost completely dark already. Dad has been working on a pot of chili for the majority of the day (or so he tells me) and I can smell it. Work was terribly boring, as usual, and I don’t feel like thinking and then typing to respond to all the emails coming in. It must just be the fact that I’m tired, a little hungry, and thinking about everything that will be happening to me soon. I feel like my mind won’t let me forget what I have in store very soon.

In a related area I luckily scheduled a dentist appointment a week from today. That will be the last of my examinations/checkups/tests in order for MCC’s insurance to cover me.

You know, sometimes I feel that life would be so much more enjoyable if I could transform into some kind of animal, like a dog or cat. Things would be so much simpler then. I wouldn’t have to tiptoe along the tightrope made of eggshells that is also known as human interaction and societal norms and wouldn’t have to be obligated to do anything. But then again, it is those things that distinguishes humans from animals. What a paradox…. A catch-22 if you will….


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