The past few days have been a bit of a blur. Let me try to summarize: On Saturday I was mowing the lawn (hopefully the last time before snow) and while doing so a chilly wind picked up from the west and blew the leaves out of trees so that it looked to me like a flock of starlings was flying over the yard. Eventually this wind blew my hat off and I had to jump off of the mower and chase it across the yard.

The next morning I was up early to go to church, and the yard and fields were covered in frost; the first freeze of the fall, and I’m glad I witnessed it. After church and fried chicken in Barberton we came home and I slept for a bit and then Dad said it was time to move the sheep again. We managed to without the sheep getting away and running off, although the cows needed to be chased around a bit because they wouldn’t stay away from the clover.

After that it was down to Columbus to visit a friend. I arrived and we went out to get groceries, but we didn’t make anything to eat. We ordered pizza and drank out of large wineglasses and I felt almost middle class. We wandered a couple blocks down to UDF and then to a coffee shop to meet some people that we met in school. We eventually ended back up in his apartment and finished watching the film Ghostbusters, which I had never seen and therefore was practically forced to watch—not that I minded that much though.

The next day I dragged myself off of the futon where I had slept and went over to the OSU dental school; the place where I had a tooth pulled and several cavities filled last summer. It took about two hours of poking and scraping and polishing for them to be done and sign my form for MCC. Through the whole process the guy kept telling me to floss.

We went out for dinner on Monday and then went and watched the second Ghostbusters film, and not long after it was over I packed up and headed north. I drove out of Columbus with some strange trance music of the radio and it seemed to fit well driving through all of the lights. The moon rose large and low across the cityscape of Columbus and its suburbs. When I was nearly home it seemed that the moon was directly above the highway I was driving; it was a beacon, showing me the way home.


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