Sorry that I have not updated in what feels like ages.

I threw a little going away thing on Saturday and many, many of my friends showed up. That was the best thing, just seeing so many good friends under one roof. When Chadd left I cried a bit, but I’m sure that we’ll end up studying again together sometime.

But I guess that the most drastic thing to happen to me that night was my hair. It is now short. I had been growing my hair for around six years, and now it’s chopped and short and close to my head. I can’t grab my ponytail in nervousness now and the wind and sun are giving me sensations on the back of my neck that I haven’t had for several years.

Regardless though, the weather is now quite cold and I’m not feeling so well after staying up till nearly two in order to watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees in extra innings (something that I nearly danced around the living room about).


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