Well, I’ve stayed up late the past few nights watching Boston beat the Yankees in the playoffs and I must say that every night I’ve turned off the TV a happy man. It seems that the Yankees always have everything in their favor, but something seems to be changing now. I only hope that I and millions more will not be let down tomorrow night.

The other day dad again was experimenting with chili and last night and tonight I ate it and with the way I eat my chili (cheese, crackers, hot sauce, extra chili powder, maybe some crushed red pepper) it usually tastes pretty good. However, when the game was over and dad was pouring out the stuff into containers to freeze, he noticed that it was foaming up and lifting the lids off of the containers. It was just foaming. And we had no idea why. I hope I didn’t poison myself or something. We tried to figure out why it was acting so strange. “Was the heat on all this time?” “I don’t think so.” Etc. I guess the last idea that we came up with was that perhaps all the fresh vegetables (especially the tomatoes) which were in the chili had somehow fermented and caused all the foam. Very weird stuff.


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