And just like that, I’ve been here almost a week.

A few of us threw together an impromptu trip to New York City and we left around 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning. We drove through the darkness of the morning and the light, misty rain all around–through the country and small towns of Pennsylvania, across the entire state of New Jersey, to Staten Island, New York.

The ferry took us through the fog of the bay and we spied the Statue of Liberty amidst the mist. Then we were in Manhattan. We couldn’t see the tops of most of the buildings because of the low clouds/thick fog. A few things I saw were the World Trade Center site, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, 5th Avenue, 42nd Street, Times Square (and the crazy lights and sights), the New York City Public Library, Central Park, the Radio City Music hall, NBC studios, Trump Tower, and the UN building. These are just some of the main attractions. It felt so strange to actually see the things on TV and what I read about and what Bob Dylan wrote songs about. That was one place that we didn’t make it to: Greenwich Village. But now, I have this small taste of New York in the back of my mouth, like when you eat something really good and it just lingers there for what feels like days, and there are certain friends of mine who, one day, I will take there to experience the ultimate in madness.

I rode the subway. I walked the same streets as the Velvet Underground. It was a good day.


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