Do you like American music…….?

It’s cold and rainy here and I’m still wearing sandals in it all.

I was handed a ticket from Harrisburg to Hanoi today, only to be told a few hours later that it is most likely that my visa will not be ready in time. We’ll see about that.

The other night many of us here in Akron stayed up late and watched the elections returns on several channels. I had faith until the very end. I thought I was witnessing something which wasn’t real, only the biases of the news networks, but it turned out completely different. I can’t believe it. It all came down to my home state, the state where I did my part and thought that most other people were ready for change. It’s still hard to believe that America and the world has to live through another four years of dub-ya, but I keep telling myself, at least I’ll be out of the country for three of those years. I can only hope that more wars are not fought over the next years in my name.

Regardless, I’m headed to somewhere near Baltimore tomorrow evening to see a good friend who lived on my floor in Bren-Dell a year ago. Ah, the madness of those days.


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