Some thoughts I’ve had over the past few days…

I realized a few days ago, that half of my short life has been spent with MCC. For 11 years I was, as they say around Akron, an “MCC kid”; and now I’ve signed on for three more years. I wonder how much longer I can keep this all up. It’s just strange to think of, though maybe not so much. Something odd though.

Another thought that came to me as I was down near Baltimore was that I seem to have a habit of cavorting with relatively recent enemies of the U.S. I was visiting friends who I met in college, one of which is from Russia. On Saturday evening we went out with several friends to celebrate his wife’s birthday. I sat around a table with 12 people who were from Russia and were speaking Russian and didn’t understand a word. I could tell what they were saying half of the time because of their expressions and tone. Some of the men looked as though they could be cast right into a movie, filling the stereotypical role as a Russian security man for a gangster. They were all so nice and I had a wonderful time. I thought, as I sat there, “These are the people who were labeled ‘The evil empire’ and ‘godless communists’ by America, and now I’m eating and laughing with them. And now I’m headed to Vietnam, another country labeled godless communists by America.” In fact, when I told one of the guys there that I was leaving for Vietnam shortly, he said something about the Vietnamese being brothers to Russia. Interesting stuff.


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