I’m back in my old room with a half-packed suitcase on the floor and one wall devoted entirely to the flags and maps of southeast Asia. It’s an absolutely perfectly dreary day out, but not too cold actually; it nicely sums up the majority of the fall days here in Ohio. The leaves are all gone too which makes forests look black at a distance.

This little hiccup in my travel plans is having the slight effect of beginning to make me second-guess myself and what I signed up for. I was ready. In Akron, PA I was mentally prepared to get on the plane headed across the ocean. My goodbyes had been said. My bags were packed. I was ready. Now I’m back here and really clicking with people and thinking that I might be giving up some very good ideas and times. However, I keep saying that I’m the selfish one. I’m the one who wants this experience. But will that someday actually make me a better person or just make me a pretentious person? I don’t know. I keep telling myself I’m doing the right thing, but every once in a while a moment with a certain person or persons makes me veer off my usual course and think that in gaining good things I may also be discarding good things. Then again, isn’t that really what life is all about? choices? Now I’m just sounding corny again…

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