One thing that I have been appreciating these past few weeks is the food I’m conjuring up at home. The other week I had a mini-feast of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup (with Ritz crackers), a dill pickle and some apple cider. That had to be one of my favorite meals in quite some time.

This evening came close though. Dad cooked up a large pot of chili and when it was done I went to work, trying to attain the perfect bowl. To me, the perfect bowl of chili on these cold evenings seems to be right at my fingertips, and yet at the same time, maddeningly just out of reach. Like I said, tonight neared perfection. I found some mozzarella cheese, some Ritz crackers and some hot sauce. I thought about adding some cayenne pepper or some crushed red pepper, but dad told me the chili was already pretty spicy. I took his word and only added the hot sauce to spice it.

Another strange thing about me is how I like the consistency of my chili. Liquids in my chili must be kept to a minimum, hence the Ritz crackers (in a pinch, saltines will do) to soak up most of the fluid. I like chili almost completely devoid of liquid (despite the fact that it is categorized as a soup) with strands of melted cheese throughout like a spider web.

I found some garlic power and whipped up some garlic bread to go alongside my bowl and glass of milk and, like I said, the meal was almost perfect. There’s always just something that’s not quite there. Something that I can’t really put my finger on.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll cook a box or macaroni and cheese and spice it up with some red pepper… I sure will miss these bacheloresque meals. I’ll have to find some new equivalents at my destination, 12 time zones away.


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