"Last Great American Whale"

I’ve been toying around with the blog and adding things with my more-basic-than-rudimentary HTML skills. I’m clueless as to what I should do today. I have everything, I’m nearly completely packed, and I feel ready. I’ve just been sitting around and reading and listening to music and thinking about the people that introduced me to the songs and bands which I now like. I was thinking about the bands I’ve been crazy about over the last ten years or so: as can be expected, my first influences were my parents, then Mark M. who I met at camp, then ranging from my sister to Mark J. to Cory and Eric S. I’ve been listening to the CD’s and songs that they’ve gone out of their way to say, “Check this out.” It just shows that really people are simply made up of the influences around them, with a little bit of individuality thrown in there for spice.


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