I’m here…

Well, I finally made it to Hanoi. Approximately 35 hours after I left my house I was in the house of the country reps. I was greasy and smelly from all of the travel but the weather was perfect and I wasn’t too tired.

We went out to lunch at the MCC office here, and I rode on the back of a motorcbike on the way there. Any second thoughts that I might have had before I left were immediatly erased in that relatively short ride. I could feel the wind in my hair and between my toes and smell the exhausts of hundreds of other motorbikes and the aromas of food cooking and the refuse in the gutters and it was all wonderful.

I’m here for eight more days before I head south, where the weather will be hot and the coffee will be perfect. I’m curious to see what room in the AGU guest house will be mine.

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