The other day I went to the post office here in Long Xuyen and mailed out a batch of postcards and letters. It cost me a relatively small fortune and when I thought about it, I realized that I was sending stuff to four of the seven continents. I had never done that before.

I received the first call from my parents this morning and it was wonderful to hear their voices. We didn’t talk for long and there was a delay when we spoke, which was something that I’ve never really experienced. The weather continues to be nearly perfect here, by my American standards: cool in the morning and evening and warm in the afternoon, but not hot.


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  1. As you are sitting in Vietnam sending out post cards, swatting at mosquitos and learning so much about that amazing culture, I am starting my last and potentially final semester for perhaps, well, ever! Scary, incredibly amazing and liberating! I am ready to be done but also a bit uncertain as I am not totaly sure what is in store for me come June, well other than all my friends getting married this summer…. dorks ;). I wish you health and happiness, and ENJOY the beautiful weather. much peace-se

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