I am officially a teacher. Wow. It was pretty great. I only taught a little more than one period and then let them go early (do unto others, right?). I was so nervous when I first started talking to them; my hands were shaking. They asked me questions about my family, and what I enjoyed about Vietnam. I was even asked what I wanted to do in the future. I told them I would study English more.

They agreed wholeheartedly with me that when learning a new language, listening and speaking are the most difficult aspects. I told them that I have difficulties with my listening and speaking in Vietnamese. I mostly just used the time to introduce myself and find out why they were studying English. Some told me because they want to be high school teachers, some told me they wanted to communicate more with the world, and some said that learning English would help them if they wanted to pursue further specialized training. Now I don’t know why I was so nervous before the class. I have another class to meet tomorrow, and then another one to meet on Wednesday. I hope all goes well, like it did today.


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