This morning, I was able to see pictures of my friends on this site. I missed them so much. I went out to breakfast and sat by myself until some friends showed up. I got lost in my thoughts. I was thinking so much that the waitress came up to me and asked if I was done eating. I wasn’t, I was just thinking too much. I really miss home sometimes. Seeing those pictures was what did it to me. It’s so easy to think that people close to me don’t do much when I’m not around them. But seeing those pictures was a visual reminder that I am half a world away; literally on the other side of the world, and I won’t see them for years. I think I’m too young to say something like that, to measure in years.


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  1. Eric, I have been emailing with your mom a bit these last few days. It is wonderful to talk to her again! :)I hope that your teaching is going well. You are missed here too. I wish that I could have seen you before you left. But, I will just email and im and blog you instead. Good luck with today’s lesson and have fun with it!! -sarahelizabeth

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