It started out as a 3 minute trip to get a sandwich. I was getting hungry and decided to go get a banh mi pa te. And I did so. However, I was just pulling away from the stand when a student of Jon’s approached me. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to go study Vietnamese,” I told him. He had been studying in the library. I usually see him at the local coffee shop.

“We go you coffee?” he asked. “Sure,” I said.

What followed was a short and informal Vietnamese lesson at the coffee shop, where the music was blaring. A short time later, one of my new students came in and asked to sit down. “Sure,” I said. I’d only taught him once, and that was on Tuesday. Of course I was asked to display a little of the Vietnamese that I know, and I’m glad that they could understand. But I have to keep in mind that these are students of English who know the differences between English and Vietnamese, and they know what mistakes to listen for and hear through. It was fun. We left a little before ten.


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  1. Eric I miss you! Just think…in a few months we will BOTH be teaching English in Asia! China here I come! I’m going to try to save up some $$$$ to come visit you before I go home after my service is over. Everyone here loves you & misses you. Take care of yourself & come home with wonderful stories!

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