We’re all getting back in the swing of things here. Saigon was a lot of fun and both nights that I was there with Jack and Jon we ended up at a bowling alley and were overly-enthusiastic about it.

Now we’re all back and starting to get back to work. I’m back into my teaching schedule of Monday through Wednesday in the afternoons. It seems like my classrooms are really hot in the afternoons, but I have never seen a drop of sweat on the students. I tell myself that’s because they aren’t ranting and being over-animated in an attempt to be entertaining. Several new projects will be starting up soon and it looks like there will be a lot to do, which may mean more stress. I think that this weekend movie night is coming back to campus, and I hope it draws a nice crowd.

I’m also entering this world of MCC reports and it doesn’t help that the internet here on campus is acting strangely.


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