I’m back in the teaching saddle again. I find it to be quite a lot of fun most of the time. Most of the kids are enthusiastic and I try to entertain them and keep their attention. However, today I was teaching most of the time between 1 and 5 in the afternoon. I’m no teaching veteran by any means, and it really took my energy away. I just came back to my room and plopped down and halfway spaced out for twenty minutes or so.

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the weather is getting warmer here. Or maybe it’s just the warm classrooms which I’m in during the afternoon. I was asking a friend when it would rain, and he said not until April. From what people tell me here, it will get warmer when it rains, but right now it seems like the plans and the ground could use a little refreshment. It’s about that time to go and find some food now.


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