Jon is headed back to America as I write this and I’m here writing half-panicked emails to get some answers about things that I have to run now while listening to CDs that the Stutz gave me.

This past week has been a blur of working. I’ve taken on teaching at the People’s Committee department of Agriculture and Rural development. The class is seems to be going good, but it is three hours long, with only one break, which leaves me exhausted at the end.

Jon and Jack and I had a subdued celebration for Jon’s departure for the states and emailing of his book manuscript off to the publisher. What these celebrations usually involve (at least two times) is calling into a local restaurant and ordering spaghetti and garlic bread, and when it all arrives stuffing our faces while watching the show 24 on Jon’s computer.

I’ve decided to avoid the inevitable today and start cleaning my room, at a time that is yet to be determined due to the lazy feel of Sundays here. Saturday wasn’t really an opportunity to relax as I had to be at the People’s Committee offices at 8 a.m. and Jon’s motorbike broke down which made me have to borrow Jack’s bicycle and show up late. That changed the whole day. Then there was nap time and after that it seemed that the day had just slipped away from me. This morning a friend started up his motorbike and stuck out his right leg and pushed Jon’s bike, with me sitting on it, to a repair shop to have the bike fixed. Apparently there was something wrong with the spark plug wire. I would have tried to work on it by myself but I have no idea how to do anything mechanical with motorized vehicles with two wheels.


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