I just came back to my room after another sweaty afternoon of teaching. Someone told me that this is the hottest time of the year here, and I would believe it.

I’m trying to do more with my classes by distributing reading handouts for discussion and other exercises. However, I continue to struggle with the structure of things here. When I attended Bluffton College we could print as much as we wanted and the professors could copy as much as they wanted. I have to go to photocopy shops here and there seems to only be a 50% chance that the two printers that I can use will have paper. I was running around quite frantically this afternoon in the heat before class trying to find a place to print/copy things. And to add to all of it, my disk drive doesn’t work and the email servers here are insanely slow, so I can’t email things to myself. I go halfway crazy sometimes with all the frustration.

This post is just a lot of complaining up to this point. Things here really aren’t so bad, I just had a frantic time today. I had a listening exercise for my class where I played Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” and I think in the end they liked it, after I explained what exactly it was all about.

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