Life here seems to be filled of doing many small things which at the time feel like nothing is accomplished, and it also means that time seems to slip away. So, in the end, I feel like I’m mostly doing nothing and while I’m doing nothing time is slipping past like jet plane, as Bob Dylan would say. The weather is really hot in the afternoons which furthermore makes me feel lethargic and doesn’t help much.

Things will be gradually shifting towards the insane very soon. I’m going to double my teaching here at the university in order to finish up my classes by the end of May. I need to do this because in the middle of May Dan Wessner will be here with a group from Eastern Mennonite University and I’ll be spending time with them. And then I need to be done with my classes before the first of June because I’m hoping to study in an intensive Vietnamese class at a university in Ho Chi Minh City this summer. Insanity. I was hoping that life here wouldn’t be constant insanity, but I’m finding out that it tends to lean in that direction.


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