Last night, the final evening of English Speaking Club for the semester, another teacher invited me to meet him for breakfast the next morning. The meeting went ahead as planned, even though I seemed to be magnetically attached to my bed, having stayed up late preparing and reading. He took me to have Hu Tieu, a soup dish with lots of rice noodles, pork, liver, and a few small shrimps in it as well. It was good, but we ate quickly and then went down the block for coffee at the Thu. It was nice to relax a little bit.

I went back to teaching in the afternoon for two periods, mainly handing back exams. When I was grading them I realized that I wasn’t very familiar with this grading system here, and therefore I don’t think that I graded everything as best as I could. I prefaced handing out the results by saying this.

For some reason this afternoon felt like it was one of the hottest ever. I was sweating more than I ever had here. After teaching I came back and drank a decent amount of water, but I can’t help feeling that I’m slightly dehydrated. I’m sure a doctor would tell me to drink more water.

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