Sometimes the heat in the afternoons is oppressing. That’s not a very good word to use, but when I think about it, the word suits the way I feel. I come back from class dripping and dehydrated and try to drink water to make up for what I lost. On top of the heat, the mad mayhem of Mayterm is about to begin. I have until this Thursday to teach, then there is an extended weekend for Reunification and international labor day. Then, on the 4th of May, Dan and the crew from EMU will be in Ho Chi Minh City and Jon and I will be spending a good deal of time with them. This makes me worry about finishing classes at AGU before finals. I’m not sure if I can do it. Which then screws me up in terms of being free in order to get to HCMC to study Vietnamese.

I tell myself that regardless, things will be fine. But sometimes I already feel that I have started this sojourn stumbling and I don’t know if I can properly recover (this is mainly in terms of the language). I guess that there just is an atmosphere of English speakers here, with all the expats and students, and there isn’t much time to spend alone out on the streets or with people who are potential teachers.

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