I am in a continual, daily battle here with my posters. I asked my parents to send over some of the posters that I used to have hanging in my room at home. When the posters got here I was ecstatic; my room here would feel more like me. The posters stayed on the walls for quite some time, but they started falling off a few weeks ago. When I come back from class, there is a chance that I’ll find one or two on the floor. Sometimes when I’m asleep one of them falls and the sound is like a crash in my otherwise quiet room.

I’m not sure what causes this, but there are at least two theories. A friend of mine said that it’s the heat, which I believe to an extent. I personally believe that they tend to only fall off of the walls that experience a difference in temperature. For example, the wall between my main room and my bedroom. On good days, there is a poster of Bob Dylan there, however, since I leave the air conditioning on in my bedroom most of the day and don’t turn it on in the other room it creates some sort of weird temperature difference, which in turn somehow lets gravity overcome the sticky-tack.

However, I think that in addition to the heat, the humidity does something to the stick-tack as well. It seems that after this certain period of time the chemical composition has changed. Needless to say, it’s not that sticky anymore. And it doesn’t matter how much I put behind the posters, they still fall down, but only the large ones. Small things such as Quinn’s drawing and invitations to art shows and other more or less random pictures remain on the walls.


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