Last night was the final hurrah for the big group of foreigners in this town. We stayed out late and arrived en masse at the locked school gate about an hour after it was locked. Jon will leave Long Xuyen on Tuesday and Tom and Danielle will leave about a week after that. The old crowd will gradually drift away from this town over the course of the summer, like sand blowing in a desert. Maybe I could be included in that as well, as I hope to be headed up to Ho Chi Minh City soon.

I finally finished up my last class this morning around 7:40. It really is a load off of my shoulders. I came back to my room and collapsed with exhaustion. There seems to be little stability here: I am supposed to move to another room in the guesthouse soon, Jon’s room actually. The slightly homey feel that I’ve given room 104 will be swept away soon and I’ll be up on the second floor, which is more private and less likely to flood in the rain, which is nice.

Something that I haven’t mentioned on here because of my level of insanity is that the rainy season had begun. It’s so nice to go outside right after a rain and feel the cool air and dodge the puddles which form everywhere. However, if it doesn’t rain during the day, the sun shines and there is more humidity which adds to the heat. But there is always the anticipation and hope that a cool rain will fall and then people will retreat to their ponchos and role up their pant legs to deal with it all.


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