We went to a soccer game yesterday evening. It was a tense match between the An Giang team and the national post office. An Giang played well in the first half, and was leading 2-1 at halftime. However, at halftime an An Giang fan tried to climb over a fence in the stands to where the supporters of the opposite team were sitting. This led to more tension in an already tense game. The police went running around in the stands and then escorted a man out.

In the second half the An Giang players were getting tired, and the score was eventually tied at 2-2. A player from An Giang was nearing the goal of the opposing team and the opposing player hit the An Giang player, from what I saw and heard people say. Then the benches cleared. All of the players on the bench, all of the coaches, and refs went charging out to where the players were fighting. Then the police went running out on the field. However, when the police were out trying break up the fight, people from the crow started throwing things at the opposing team’s bench. The police had to run back to the stands to get people to calm down. But it still wasn’t the end. A foreign player from the other team gave the crow the one finger salute, which is not a gesture used here, but people figured out what it meant. The fans were pretty much outraged at this point. The refs blew the whistle to end the game, but no one was leaving. We decided to make a quick exit. As we were riding away, we could still hear the yelling of the crowd, and we saw a jeep piled with more policemen headed to the stadium.

I still don’t know the end result of it all, but some friends told me that An Giang would have to pay a big fine for not being able to control its fans.


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