I’m officially living in Ho Chi Minh City. I moved into my small room yesterday and then waved goodbye to Tom and Danielle as they drove off to the airport this morning, two more ex pats gone from An Giang.

This city is madness compared with Long Xuyen. There is always traffic and some sort of minor traffic jams anywhere I go. For six days a friend is letting me borrow his motorbike, which is nice. I was very nervous this morning when I began to drive around, but it seems to be okay if I go nice and slow and take it easy.

I also had my first Vietnamese class this afternoon. The topics that we covered were pretty familiar to me, but I find it nice to learn more of the grammar and the exact rules of some parts of speech that I wasn’t really sure of before. I hope to gain a lot from this experience, and as of now it’s only beginning.

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