Yesterday I realized that I forgot to bring shampoo with me to Ho Chi Minh City. However, I didn’t go out looking for any specifically until last night. I went wandering around the streets near my room and looked for any place that might have it. I walked by a small shop where there were cookies and other sweets and medicines and rice wine. I did a slight double-take and the young man working there said “Hello!” “Hello,” I responded. I asked him in Vietnamese “Do you speak English?” I’ve run into trouble/embarrassment trying to talk to people in Vietnamese who speak English very well, so I was taking a precaution this time. “No,” he said. “Do you speak Vietnamese?” he asked. “A little bit,” I told him. I didn’t know the word for shampoo in Vietnamese, and I forgot the word for hair, so I started asking him if he had the thing to wash, and then pointed to my hair. He nodded and then stooped down to show me all they had. “The cheap kind,” I told him. It was a little over a dollar and this morning I have clean hair.


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