I’m not really sure why I haven’t been updating lately, things are just hectic at the moment I suppose. I’m getting ready to begin teaching in a few days, so I’m throwing together syllabi and tracking down books that I want to teach. I’m also co-teaching a class with another teacher here, and we’ve been having sporadic meetings every few days and brainstorming. Besides the last minute class planning, I’ve also started working at the International relations office, doing some editing of English translations and otherwise planning lessons. And the other new thing: I now have a cat. He’s just a little orange tabby who is still rather frightened when I’m not around, but he’s adjusting to the room quite well and has learned about the litter box too. After having him for two days, I finally decided on a name for him. After discussing his personality with a friend, I decided that “Buong” was a good name for him. It means stubborn.

So between last-minute lesson planning, a new job and a new cat, I’ve been rather busy lately. But I’m also loving it too. Two new volunteers will arrive with an NGO named VIA tomorrow (or so I’ve heard) and I’m looking forward to meeting them and hope that they’re able to adjust to Long Xuyen smoothly. But that’s all for now, more lesson planning is calling me…


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