This evening, a group of foreigners from the guesthouse and a few English teachers went to a rabbit place on the outskirts of Long Xuyen, and I was one of the company. I had been there one time before and knew that it was pretty good, and so I was glad to be going back. The meat is pretty good there, and there was lots of my favorite sauce at the table, made from fermented tofu. We had some standard dishes: grilled rabbit, fried rabbit and then a soup with, among other things, rabbit meat. But it was at the end of the meal, when the broth of the soup was low in the pot, that the most interesting part of the meal happened. I had always heard stories about the partially grown duck fetus, but had never knowingly come into close contact with it. But tonight one of the new volunteers was up for trying it. I decided that I’d been long enough without it, and the time might as well be now. So we threw the egg into the broth and waited. After awhile we were told that they were done. We took the egg out and cracked the shell, and there was something that had the general appearance of a baby duck, wrapped tightly around the yellow yolk. “Use the salt, use the salt!” we were told, and didn’t argue either. Then tried it. It was a bit rubbery, but otherwise okay. The thoughts associated with eating something that is quite strange make it taste and digest all the more strangely. But overall it was decent, and now another experience to be remembered.

Tomorrow I’m headed up to Ho Chi Minh City for a night and day in the town before catching a flight to Hanoi. I’ll be there for a few days and it will be nice to explore the city a little more with a little more knowledge of Vietnamese culture. However, as with the language, I’ve learned everything in the south. I’m looking forward to this trip though.

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