I’ve decided that the time that I’m living in this country is going to be a time of adaptation. There are some who travel to new places and live there for the sole purpose of analyzing a new culture, society, country, etc., but I have decided recently that this is not me. It is not part of me nor will it ever really be. My time in college did not make me into a computer that analyses everything I see or experience. I am determined that my time here will leave me with many impressions and stories which I will talk about in the future, but for now, while I’m here, I’m not going to be staring at people walking down the street and wondering why their stride is different from mine. Adaptation, not analysis. It is better living to simply live and experience without critically thinking about the reasons why things are different in another part of the world. I’m not sure how I arrived at this frame of mind, but now I’m here and I like it. In all of the other places where I lived, I’ve done the same. Of course I was younger then, but I don’t see why it can’t be the same now. I’m not here as a cultural observer, or an anthropologist, I’m just here to teach, to live, to experience. To enjoy a book while reading it, and worry about the critical analysis later. Life would be painful if every sentence was unscrewed and turned around and every action was scrutinized with a piercing eye of investigation.


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