The past two days have been dreary and overcast and drizzly. Last night I was cold. This morning I was cold and I hopefully by drinking several cups of hot tea I’ll avoid getting sick. Furthermore, Buong has become decidedly super-hyper as soon as I want to go to bed and this detracts from my sleeping time. He has a schedule that goes something like this:

-Meow loudly if not let into the bedroom.
-Upon entering the bedroom, run around under the bed and chase things and play with dust for 5-10 minutes.
-Jump on the mosquito netting even though your graceful caregiver has left it untucked so you can get on the bed.
-Pull down the broken mosquito net pole, effectively rendering one corner of the bed useless for any mammals.
-Run around in circles on the bed; prance around and attack any part of your graceful caregivers body the moves slightly and pretend to be curious about the face of your graceful caregiver so that you have an excuse to tickle him with your whiskers.
-Fiercely and playfully attack your graceful caregivers hands or other extremities when he tries to move you away from his head and/or torso.
-Eventually lie still near your graceful caregivers head and/or shoulders so that when he wakes, you are prepared to immediately attack him further.
-Sleep most of the day to prepare for another exciting night.

Steven and I have decided on a kind of joint custody with Buong so that when we have been exhausted by his night-time antics for about a week or ten days, he can visit the other person’s room to give some relief to the initial person. It seems to be working okay for now, but I’ve never had a cat’s claw in my nose at 6 a.m. before.


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