The other night we were sitting around and I brought up a theory that I’d been turning over in my mind: The dysfunctional family of foreigners living in the guesthouse theory.

I use the term family to refer to the fact that four or five people usually do a lot of things together, i.e. meals, movies, hanging out, etc. Dysfunctional in a way because all of us have simply arrived here and now we are in a situation where we all live in close proximity to each other. No one that is here came here knowing anyone else (I came here knowing Jon, Jack, and Julie, but now the world has swallowed them up) but now it’s to a point now where we almost need each other. We need to talk to each other about this new culture and place. We need the comfort of speaking our native language with other native speakers. When I try to write about this, I find it quite difficult to put into words, but there is a feeling that I get and it’s hard to sum up. A feeling of camaraderie because we are all in the same/similar situation(s) and therefore we are somehow drawn to each other, and hence, the dysfunctional family theory.


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