A too-early morning of teaching Hawthorne and Poe… My students seemed exceptionally tired as well, maybe because it’s Monday after all…

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling exceptionally lazy and took a leisurely nap and therefore I couldn’t fall asleep immediately last night. Then I was up in a panic at 5:45 this morning searching for my clock to make sure I didn’t sleep through my class. I’ve taken to wearing my jacket to breakfast, because the air is significantly cooler in the morning and the ice in coffee makes it feel cooler yet. I had a quiet breakfast while looking over some of the works by Poe and watching students meander to class.

After my session of confusing my students, I walked out to the parking area to get my motorbike. The older security guard was sitting there and smiled at me. And there were strains of what sounded like a classical flute playing somewhere near him. I didn’t take the time to find out what exactly was going on.


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