This morning was my last teaching engagement for at least two weeks. I’m getting an extra day or two off before the beginning of the Lunar New Year. I was strange though; I came back to my room after lunch psyched up for a much-needed nap, but I could hardly sleep at all. Therefore the afternoon has disintegrated into a day of nothing-doing. I drove around, bought film, had a snack, talked to Tyler and Sharla, etc.

Otherwise, Tyler recently bought a motorbike; his is a Honda Win, which is the real version of the bike that I drive. He seems to be getting the hang of the clutch really quickly, and now drives to campus and meals.

And David has announced that he’ll be leaving soon to go back to Canada. It’s kinda a bummer that he won’t be around, but he got a good job offer at home and thinks this will be better for him. Because of this it means that tonight David want’s to have a bonfire on the roof of the guesthouse. Now we have to run off into town and find something to contain the fire and some more wood.


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