These are the days of little or nothing to do. I can sleep in—something that I’ve found is much more difficult than in my college days—and then spend a leisurely day of having relaxing coffees and driving around the town. Today was a good example. Steven, Tyler, Sharla and I went for a rather late breakfast and I ate what are supposedly the best eggs in town. Then, I just decided to go around. It’s nice now because Tyler has a motorbike and that makes all four of us mobile. So we drove through this lovely weather that seems to have arrived just for the Lunar New Year. It’s pleasantly cool and when driving along the streets you can feel the fluctuations in temperature while the bike hums beneath you. So we drove along a road with open space around it and cool air on our faces. Then a big circle back through town. When we were nearing the university, I yelled to Tyler that Steven wanted to visit the crocodile farm here in Long Xuyen. I had been there when I was visiting as part of a student group with Bluffton College, but since I’ve moved here I’ve only seen the place in passing; I’ve never stopped back in. So we drove out towards the ferry and finally found the place. The son of the owner was there and spoke excellent English and guided us around to see all the crocodiles. He told us how they incubated the eggs for a higher hatching rate, where they exported to, etc. After walking around and viewing various sizes/ages of crocodiles, he showed us the pet bear they had, and proceeded to feed him bananas. The bear was lazy in the heat and barely moved and only ate three tiny bananas before refusing any more. We told the man guiding us that we all taught at An Giang University, and he said that Dr. Xuan, the president of An Giang University often visits the farm. So after our little tour he invited us to sit down and gave us some drinks, and then refused to let us pay for them because of the relationship that his family had with An Giang University. It’s interesting how things on a little whim or thought (i.e. “Let’s go visit the crocodile farm.”) turn into meeting an interesting person with an interesting connection to our place of employment.


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