Tet is here. Last night we were invited to a friend’s house and we ate on the roof and waited for the fireworks to begin. This particular roof had an excellent view of the canal through town and the two bridges crossing it. The traffic was insane but after fighting through it, it was nice to watch the motorbikes move in an endless line crossing the bridges and driving along the canal. All the lights from houses and streets were reflecting on the water which added to the beauty of the scene as well. We chatted and then at 10:30 the explosions began. The fireworks seemed to last for quite a long time too. The smoke from them blanketed the center of town and drifted towards us and finally that smell of gunpowder arrived where we were and I remembered warm nights in July at home. Then I started sending text messages to a lot of people wishing them a happy new year. However, I wasn’t feeling all that well and wanted to go to sleep early despite the occasion.

Then the next morning: things were quiet. I got up and drove around the city to see if people were out, and it seemed to be unusually crowded for a holiday morning. After making a brief city tour I came back and Tyler, Steven and I had instant noodles because most of the restaurants in town are closed today. And so far it’s just been a day of relaxation here; reading, a movie, etc. To all of you out there, happy new year.


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