Last night there was a strange phenomenon here in Long Xuyen. Steven, Tyler, and myself were out having a nice quiet dinner, and we were discussing what movie we should watch after words. Things were agreed upon before we left and departed from the small restaurant and headed toward home. However, we were also planning on purchasing snacks to accompany the movie. Steven was riding with me, and we noticed that things continued to hit us in our faces as we drove along. When we turned onto Vo Thi Sau street and headed towards the university, the lights near the street showed something that appeared to be falling towards the ground; it reminded me of snow. But it wasn’t. It was billions of strange little insects flying around; not biting or really harming people in any way, except for the fact that there were so many of them. When I was driving I had to squint and shut my mouth and not say anything. And then when we stopped to buy snacks there were swarms around us too. I’m not sure what was worse: driving and having them smack into me, or stopping and letting them swarm all over. Even after the drive back to the guesthouse they were still stuck to our shirts and in my hair, etc. And this morning when I woke up there were thousands that had come under my door during the night and died.

It was a similar experience this evening too, except not so intense. I didn’t have to squint while I was driving this evening, though these strange bugs continued to smack into my torso.


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