The weather is still a little unusual. It rained yesterday afternoon and later when Steven and I went out looking for sandwiches the dirt road leading up to our campus was full of muddy puddles.

Steven has a history of some amateur boxing back in Australia, and for the past two days I’ve been doing some of the work with him. However, the exercises have left my whole body completely sore and aching, and this morning it hurt when I was getting out of bed, so I’m taking a day off. One of the good things from this exercising is that I finally learned how to skip rope; something I’ve never done in my life.

Last night it was a little quiet around the guesthouse, but things soon changed. In one week the university is hosting the Foreign Language Department’s Spring Festival. This means there are songs to prepare. So before I retired for the night I was sitting outside under the moon, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and playing my violin to the accompaniment of a guitar, singing along to the songs I knew… It was rather glorious.


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