The sky was overcast today when I left my classroom. I thought it would make the weather significantly cooler, but I didn’t notice that much difference. I was teaching a conversational English class, so for the majority of the time teaching I’m either asking the students questions or encouraging them to ask me questions. Tyler and I are actually co-teaching the class, and we’re using some conversational English book we found here, and the subject today happened to be about clothes. I found myself trying to explain why the English language uses plurals that aren’t necessary at all. Words such as pants and shorts and pajamas. Perhaps there is a good and logical explanation that would make sense to me, as a native speaker, but I sure don’t know it and it would’ve been too hard to explain it using only English if I did know it.

Otherwise Tyler is in the center of Vietnam, in the city of Hue, checking out where he’ll be working this summer. David, as I mentioned before, is back in cold Canada (and missed greatly around here) and mentioned that one particular morning it was -20C. And Sharla will be leaving soon to travel with her dad for a couple weeks. Steven and I seem to be the only ones who don’t go many places or do many exciting things. We’re the homebodies that just stay in Long Xuyen most of the time and bum around. And I really don’t mind it at all.


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