Ahh Sundays… Today involved sleeping until 8 a.m. and then having a nice breakfast at a new place and a new dish for me. It was a very runny egg and a lump of ground pork with spices and such. It reminded me a little of sausage. And then to a café near the artificial lake near the river. Just nice to sit and talk of light things and enjoy the shade and the breeze.

I was with Steven and a good friend of ours who works at the International Relations Office at the university; his name is Tri. He recently discovered a scholarship opportunity to study English for three months in the Philippines and now Sharla, Steven and I have been helping him write a “brief description” of him and his work here at the university. So after coffee we came back to my room and we worked on this document for a good half hour or so.

Tri at breakfast
Tri eating breakfast.

Then Steven wanted to practice driving. He’s borrowing a motorbike from a friend this weekend and he was practicing outside of the guesthouse, trying to get the hang of movements involving accelerating and braking. We went out to the deserted streets behind the university and he practiced more and we cruised around the empty streets and had fun. Then it was 11:30 and time to meet Racheline. Racheline is a volunteer from Australia who lives out in the actual city of Long Xuyen, and I co-teach a class with her and just recently she began teaching for the Center for Foreign Languages here at AGU. So we had a nice leisurely lunch. While we were at the café, we noticed that they had the generator running, which means that there’s no power at the guesthouse. But we came back and sat around for a few minutes and introduced Buong to Racheline and the power came back on and people dispersed and I turned on the music of Tom Waits.


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