I should write something about the Spring Festival. It is held every year and is sponsored by the department of foreign languages, so all of the performances are in a foreign language, usually English, but some French too. It was an all-night thing too. It started about 7 or thereabouts and went till nearly 11. Tyler was M.C. and it seemed like there was an endless stream of performances; students singing, dancing, fashion shows, plays, etc. I was part of three performances: two songs (“Imagine” and “More than I can say”) and I was also talked into being in the teacher’s fashion show. I told them I would only be a part of the fashion show if I could wear what I wanted. Therefore I showed up wearing cowboy boots, jeans with a hole in them, an orange shirt and sunglasses. It was quite a night and everyone was exhausted at the close of the show.

Recently, a foreign student arrived here. That’s right, a foreign student is now studying here at AGU. His name is Jesse, he’s from Germany and he lives here in the guesthouse with all of us. It seems like quite an advancement for AGU to have a foreign student here. Jesse is here studying IT with several people in the library and I think things are going well so far. I suppose that time will tell though.


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