I was thinking today about several things that don’t strike me as unusual anymore because they are so commonplace. Some of them are:

-wearing sandals nearly all the time
-eating with chopsticks every day
-driving a motorbike
-seeing no airplanes in the sky
-having ice in all my drinks
-rarely consuming dairy products
-putting fish sauce, soy sauce and/or chilies on nearly everything I eat
-talking about people loudly when near them because they don’t understand English
-thinking of distances in kilometers
-thinking of amounts in Dong, kilos, etc
-rarely wearing shorts outside of the house
-sleeping under mosquito netting
-eating rice every day
-eating soup with chopsticks (think about it, it’s not logical at first)
-wearing collared shirts all the time

Of course there are many more, but they aren’t coming to me now.


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