This is the dry season. It’s not supposed to rain until sometime in May. There was a storm in the center of Vietnam in December which led to rain during that month which is normally dry. And now. I just don’t get it. Yesterday during a break between classes Tyler and I were sipping on drinks at a cafe and then when we were walking to campus Tyler said something like, “This is weird weather,” and I responded with something like “Yeah, I wonder if it’ll rain or something.” I said this, of course, thinking that it would never happen. But it did. The rain started to pour down when I was teaching. And because the classrooms are all open, this led to me having to raise my voice more than usual for my students to hear me. The tape player was rendered null and void.

Then after class the rain was still coming down. All the students were waiting in the shelter of the building for the rain to stop. I waited for a few minutes, then Tyler was finished and we hung out for a few minutes, and then I couldn’t take it any longer. I’d been teaching for 4 hours and I wanted to go home. I took off my sandels, put the tape recorder in a bag, rolled up my pants. Tyler did the same and we walked off to return the tape player. The little dirt road that leads to campus B where we live turns into a river with a depth of a good 2 feet during heavy rain, so it was nice and deep yesterday.

I don’t understand all this. During the rainy season, it rains for maybe half-an-hour and then stops. Yesterday it rained for several hours without stopping. And this morning I walked by my door and my feet got wet. Water had come under the door. I looked out my window. Yep, it’s been raining now for at least 5 hours this morning. I don’t have to teach today, so I might not leave the house today.

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