It’s windy and the sun feels hot nowadays in Long Xuyen. My classes continue to go along pretty smoothly although I teach in the sweltering afternoons.

Last weekend one of my first-year classes invited Tyler, Sharla and I to go with them to a place called Tuc Dup Hill, a place also known as 2 million dollar hill because of the amount of American bombs dropped there during the war. From what I know, An Giang was a relatively peaceful province during the war with America, except for two mountains near the border with Cambodia where the early People’s Committee met. The hill itself seems to be made of giant boulders that are lumped together, and because of this there are all sorts of little crevices to hide in. So we left Long Xuyen at about 5:45 on Sunday morning and drove out there. Luckily it was overcast so the day wasn’t so hot, but climbing and leaping around on rocks in humid weather still made me sweat rivers. It was a lot of fun for all of us and my students had a photographer who worked there take around 100 pictures; two of which are me squeezing through kinda narrow spaces between rocks. We continued to travel around to various places out in the Western part of An Giang, but 2 million dollar hill was by far the most interesting for me. Unfortunately, my students aren’t able to translate much historical stuff, so I’m tentatively planning to go back there with some teacher friends to get more of the history of the place.


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