Well, as I mentioned before, it’s hot. The sun feels so hot on my skin in the afternoon. And, this semester, the afternoon is when I do all of my teaching. So when I get home from teaching I usually feel exhausted and just want to sit in air-conditioning and not move for some time.

A couple days ago Tyler, Sharla and me took a short trip to a small mountain about 45 minutes or an hour away. I was dreadfully hot and sunny day and getting the motorbikes up the mountain road was a bit of a challenge. But we went up and sweated amongst the big rocks and looked at the incredibly flat land and canals stretching around in all directions. The besides going up and down the mountain, the drive was nice and relaxing. Farmers had recently taken in their rice crop and now were either burning the stalks or preparing to. Sharla kept commenting on the “cute little kids” walking to or from school and clutching onto each other as they walking along the moderately busy road.

However, right when I got back I realized that I just received some pretty significant sunburn on my arms; just filling in my farmers tan I guess.


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