Well, my computer has been busted for a good long while and now I have to go to the library to use the internet. I come here and I can’t force myself to write on command. Too much pressure or something with people all around and whatnot. So I find myself unable to tell stories and post pictures like I did with the computer in my room. I hope to solve this problem soon, but for the time being it will just be rare posts.

Last week was an MCC retreat in Cambodia and it was nice to meet up with Ben and Alisa and meet some other MCCers from the region. The topic for the whole thing was postmodern worship, or something to that effect, and it was rendered null the first day when the presenters mentioned that it’s not really applicable in our positions in Southeast Asia. But there were interesting points. I didn’t really do much there except eat a lot of bacon which wreaked havoc on my digestive system. By the end of the five days I was tired of never speaking Vietnamese and on the boat ride back I was grateful to have some interesting conversations with guys on the boat.

But now I’m back, and glad to be, and things are mostly slow. Sharla has finally come to the (in)decision that she’s not coming back next year, which is kind of a downer, but people come like the dust and are gone with the wind as some people say. Next month things are really gonna pick up for me and I’ll be back to my usual hectic self.


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