Well, I certainly haven’t been updating much. Things are still pushing along down here in the Delta. The weather is hot and I’m still waiting for news concerning the purchase of a new computer so once again I can work in my room.

It’s now that time of year when the sun feels incredibly hot and doing the slightest things in the afternoon cause you to break out in sweat. And this is the time of day when I teach. I’ve taken to carrying a handkerchief to class with me for mopping.

AGU has a staggered schedule for students, therefore this is about the time when several groups of students (i.e. the second-years) are taking their final exams, while other classes (i.e. my first-years) are still only two-thirds through their semester. I guess it works out in the end, but at times it feels confusing. For example, right now I have some American literature exams to grade from the class that I mostly taught in January, while I’m writing mid-term exams for my first-year students.

For some reason the other day I was thinking as I drove through town that sometimes this place is so poetic. I wish I had the inspiration to capture it all in words; the swirling madness of the traffic, the calls from street vendors, the green of the vegetation under the hot sun, the breeze from the river… Just too much at times. I feel like it should be written down into some epic poem like the Odyssey that would somehow get 1 percent of the actual experience of being here. Sometimes even the smells of rotting fruit on the street, or the awful stench of freshly killed fish need to be written into something, that, with beauty and dexterity, gets the essence of this place.


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