I’m down to 30, 45-minute periods of class time left. These are with my first-year students, and most of them are showing improved confidence in speaking. Still shy, yes. But sometimes just bursting to get their ideas out in another language.

Yesterday (Sunday) evening I was invited to “a small party” with some of my first-years. They were celebrating scholarships that had been awarded to them for good grades in the first semester. We started off at one student’s house where we all sat (16 of us) on the second-floor balcony and ate. Afterwards, while some of them washed the dishes, there was a big debate of whether to go to a café or to sing karaoke. Karaoke was agreed upon because someone had already reserved a room. So we went and I listened to them sing pop songs, mainly about love. And then it was decided that we needed to go for coffee. It was during this café experience that my parents called while en route to church, and I was greatly surprised.

Today the weather seemed reasonable, but for some reason the minute I stepped into class I started sweating like a waterfall, or a glacier in the Sahara, or some other extreme simile. But I somehow got through my 1.5 hours of teaching without succumbing to dehydration. Still waiting for news about my computer; the word is that the money for the bulk order is hung up in the finance department…


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